As of 30th January 2018 Orbits Redemption, Name Changes and general support requests will be required to go through our Ticket Support system on the website. You can learn more about our Ticket Support system here. Any requests made before the 30th will still be honoured and resolved.

We are really pushing to making a streamlined support option for our viewers and making it clear where the first place you should visit is.

Redeeming Merch Purchase for Orbits

If you’re trying to redeem your merch purchase for Orbits you are required to create a Ticket in our support system.  To do so you sign into the site with your Twitch account and then create a new ticket under the “Orbits Merch Redemption” category.

Fill out the relevant fields with information required, we will reach out if you are missing information.

You must include the following:

Design (e.g. The Young Swede, Orb Logo, Race to Prestige “Nuclear”)
Type (e.g. T-Shirt, Tank, Hoodie)
Screenshot of Receipt

Here’s a quick guide to show you how to get the best proof of purchase:

Orbeytron Name Change Requests

When requesting a Orbeytron Name change the process is very much the same, select the “Orbeytron Name Change” category when creating your ticket and put your old and new Twitch name in the relevant field, make sure they are correct. You can put any additional details in the box below those two fields if needed.

We will reach out if you are missing information.

You can submit a support ticket here.