Subscriber Movie Night


24th February 2019 - 7pm CET


Subscriber movie nights happen at least once a month, with one being guaranteed for the last Sunday of every month. They may also happen for a subscriber goal in the Twitch stream.


We host our subscriber movie nights on a service called and we use Discord to discuss the movie before, during and after. More information on can be found below.


Connect your Twitch and Discord account and join the voice chat room: "Movie Voice" this will give you access to the movie-discussion text channel which will have all the information on participating on the night.

How To Participate

Create an account on

Create an account on, this will allow you to watch in HD. If you use your full name, it will be displayed, you can use letters or symbols instead for last name. e.g. Chris P

Disable notifications sounds.

Press on your avatar, go to “Notifications” tab and disable “sounds” under Other Notifications.

Disable Mic and Webcam by default.

Mute Mic and Webcam by default. Press on your avatar, go to “Audio/Video” tab and tick “always start with my camera off” and “always start with my microphone off”

Join Discord prior to the movie night

Join Discord prior to the movie night, give at least 1 hour for your subscription to sync otherwise you won’t be able to access the Subscriber exclusive rooms.

Joining the Lobby

We normally have two lobbies available for people to join; these will be posted in the #movie-discussion (you must be in movie voice to view this room, you don’t need to talk if you don’t want to) just before we start the movie. So ensure you have your Discord and Twitch synced. We will manually sync once, before the movie starts.

Movie Etiquette

While this is all for a fun experience we have a few ground rules;

  1. When the movie is playing you mute your mic on both Discord and; if you wish to talk you can use the text chat in the Discord (#movie-discussion).
  2. If you’re not watching the movie, please don’t hog a place in the room.
  3. When talking in the Discord Text Channel please keep the conversation as close to the movie as possible and not random jibber-jabber

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