The IncredibleOrb Steam Group

Orb uses his Steam groups to invite people to game lobbies via the group chat, there are two groups: IncredibleOrb and Orb’s Awesome Bros. One is open to everyone and the other (Orb’s Awesome Bros) is reserved for subscribers on Twitch.

To get invited into the subscriber group you need, during a stream, contact a moderator of the group and link them your steam profile URL.

Step 1.

Joining the Steam Group

Joining the IncredibleOrb steam group is easy! You can press the button above or below and you will be taken to the steam page, you must be logged in, then press the big button which says “Join”.

Just like that you’re in!

(This can be done by both the steam client and website, however the Steam Client method is a little bit different [View Step 1.2]).

Direct Group Link

Step 1.2.

Joining the group via the Steam Client

Joining through the Steam application is a slightly different process to that of the website.

  • To start off you will need to download steam (if you haven’t done so already).
  • Open the ‘Friends’ window, click ‘View friends list’ in the bottom right of the application.
  • Click ‘Add a friend’ to open the main application window.
  • Switch from Individual search to ‘Groups’ and search ‘IncredibleOrb’ – It will be the top group, the one with 12,000 members.

You will then be viewing the same image as the previous step, press ‘Join Group’

Subs Group (1)

Joining the Steam Subscriber Group via Twitch Chat/Steam

To join the Steam Subscriber group you must be a subscriber on Twitch. You will also need to provide your steam profile URL.  If you need help to do this you can follow the image to the right or the instructions below.

  • Open up the Steam application or webpage, at the top of the page you will see your username, next to the ‘community’ tab, hover over your username and select ‘profile’
  • If on the Steam application, right click on the page and select ‘Copy page URL’
  • If on the Steam webpage, at the top of your browser select and copy the URL in the URL Bar.

Once you’ve copied your steam profile URL you will need to contact a moderator of the subscriber group. Do this within the Twitch Chat during a stream. Orb or another moderator will invite you when they are available.

Moderators able to invite you; Orb, Angryguy, Devvis, ImChrisP, FiggityFigs, Joeshmoe2121, SioThaMan, Ambersarcade

Subs Group (2)

Joining the Steam Subscriber Group via Discord

This method will include the use of Discord (The VoIP software used for interaction during games) – We have a helpful guide on joining Discord and setting up, you can view that here.

Once joined, you will need to link your Twitch and Discord accounts. This will then sync your Subscriber status to Discord. The sync can take up to 1 hour to take effect, in high surges we may force sync servers but for 1 or 2 people this will not be used.

When your status has been synced you will gain access to a special room. This room is called “#Steam-Group-Invites” – you will be able to place your Steam profile URL in this chat, a moderator of the Steam Sub Group will then invite you to the group.

How to Play

Join in on Subscriber Appreciation Days and more!

Joining Orb’s Steam Group chat room is easy! Follow the steps in the image or below.

  • Open the Steam friends list,
  • Click on the “Groups” tab near the top of the window,
  • Navigate to the IncredibleOrb
  • To the right of the IncredibleOrb  group name there is an arrow, press this and select “Join group chat room”