Here’s a look into what’s coming up in March 2018; we appreciate your support for all the hours watched during February, and look to keep the good vibes going into March!

February had our play through of The Witcher 3, which we have now fully completed main story and both DLCs, this was a super great game and Orb enjoyed it a bunch, thanks to everyone for recommending it! If you missed any of the playthrough you can utilise our Witcher 3 VOD Guide and catch up/rewatch or experience it all again!

March will continue to be a month with new playthroughs, returning games and all the regular games!

What’s coming up:

Unscheduled but upcoming:

  • IRL Stream
  • Cooking Stream
  • Humans Fall Flat (with Chris)
  • Little Nightmares DLC
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins DLC


  • 5th March: Subscriber Movie Night (Sub Goal 975) – 9PM 
  • 5th March: Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Bonus Episode)
  • 20th March: Sea of Thieves
  • 22nd March: Starting new release “A Way Out” (with Drop)
  • 25th March: Subscriber Movie Night
  • 31st March: Monthly Orbits Raffle

Merch Updates

Stuff and Things are in the works, we’re excited to be expanding our merch and doing things better this time!

Website Updates

Over the last couple of months we have been expanding and upgrading the website to better serve our community; with better FAQ’s and easier to use pages; along with this we introduced a Ticket Support system for everyone to get fast support on stream related subjects. So far it has been a success with issues being resolved quickly. If you missed out on these updates check out these posts:

We’ve also revamped the schedule page; this will slowly be populated as time goes on (It does admittedly look empty right now, but it will get populated). So please do check that out:


A Side note to everything, we want to send out a massive thank you to everyone who protected the values of our community during Orb’s Witcher 3 playthrough, we love to see the community “Self-moderating” behaviour, we all have a part to play in the community; and doing this is a massive help to building a stronger one!

Lets keep the good vibes going even further, and keep building our community!

From your friendly Incredibles team!