October’s Monthly Raffle…

Razer Huntsman (Nordic)

Sponsored by RAZER

The Razer Huntsman introduces the Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch, utilising optical technology for unmatched speed and a key stabiliser bar so every keypress is precise and accurate. Combined with a switch design, it’s the first clicky switch that actuates and resets at the exact same point for rapid performance. Personalise settings with hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage.

Raffle will be held on the 30th November 2018

Raffle limited to the following countries: Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Ireland and United Kingdom.

October 2018
  • Prize: Razer Kraken Pro V2
  • Date: 31st October 2018
  • Winner: tjejbaciller
September 2018
  • Prize: Sneak Carepackages (x2)
  • Date: 2nd October 2018
  • Winner: Smoothytoothy and FrostySprinks
August 2018
  • Prize: Razer Deathadder Elite
  • Date: 31st August 2018
  • Winner: Ssamih
July 2018
  • Prize: $50 Steam Gift Card
  • Date: 31st July 2018
  • Winner: Muvo
June 2018
  • Prize: Elgato Gaming Stream Deck
  • Date: 30th June 2018
  • Winner: Zannyone
May 2018
  • Prize: Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2
  • Date: 31st May 2018
  • Winner: JohannesJ
April 2018
  • Prize: Razer Thresher Tournament Edition
  • Date: 1st May 2018
  • Winner: Killer_Heff
March 2018
  • Prize: Razer Thresher 7.1
  • Date: 31st March 2018
  • Winner: MerzProduction
February 2018
  • Prize: Razer Thresher Ultimate (Xbox/PC)
  • Date: 28th February 2018
  • Winner: McFlinchy
January 2018
  • Prize: Razer Thresher Ultimate
  • Date: 31st January 2018
  • Winner: JohannesJ
December 2017
  • Prize: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
  • Date: 30th December 2017
  • Winner: Smoothytoothy
November 2017
  • Prize: Incredible Carepackage
  • Date: 30th November 2017
  • Winner: ItsAdamBe
  • Prize: Call of Duty: WWII DX Racer
  • Date: 15th November 2017
  • Winner: Ken_udigit
October 2017
  • Prize: Razer Blackwidow Keyboard
  • Date: 31st October 2018
  • Winner: Doseofding
September 2017
  • Prize: Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma
  • Date: 30th September 2017
  • Winner: Har199
August 2017
  • Prize: Razer Kraken Mobile
  • Date: 31st August 2017
  • Winner: CarrieOnRegardless
July 2017
  • Prize: Razer Ornata Keyboard
  • Date: 30th July 2017
  • Winner: Eld4r
June 2017
  • J_Pappas – XSplit Premium Code
  • datguyzix – XSplit Premium Code
  • Brutalisman – Super Meat Boy
  • Stayseej08 – Star Dew Valley
  • theviper53 – TWD Michonne:
  • PowerfulK9 – Golf with your friends:
  • Jawdann – CoD MWR Variety DLC PC
May 2017
  • Prize: Razer Gigantus Mousepad
  • Date: 30th May 2017
  • Winner: Sempora
April 2017
  • Prize: Razer Sabertooth Gaming Controller
  • Date: 31st May 2017
  • Winner: Eiinstein
March 2017
  • Prize: Razer BlackWidow Chroma Deus Ex (LE)
  • Date: 31st March 2017
  • Winner: Wildgherkin

How do I earn Orbits?

Earning Orbits is simple, you earn Orbits every 5 minutes while being in the stream. You can earn additional Orbits by participating in bets and heists. As well as subscribing and donating to the stream.

You can view further in-depth amounts on the Orbeytron documentation page.

How do I participate in the Raffle?

The Monthly Raffle happens during the last stream of the month, these are for a special item that you can find out about here. These are usually desired and valuable items provided by our amazing sponsors.

Our Monthly Raffle is done via Tickets, you will be required to buy tickets during the final stream (usually open for at least 24 hours).

How much is one Ticket?

Each ticket will cost 10,000 Orbits and you can purchase up to 10,000 Tickets in a raffle.

What are Game Bets and how can I participate?

During certain games there will be the possibility of Bets being conducted in chat. These will usually be related to the specific game. Such as in H1Z1: King of The Kill a bet could be; Will Orb get within top 20 players? – With the options: Yes and No.

To participate in a Bet you will need the following command: !bets [x] [y]. X is the amount of points you’re wanting to bet and Y is the option. You can change your bet before the timer is over but when the bet is closed you’re locked in.

What are Heists and how can I participate?

During the time Orbeytron is running (which should be 24/7) Heists are available in chat, even when Orb is offline. These offer you an opportunity to get some more Orbits at a risk of losing everything you’ve put into the Heist!

There is no limit to how many Orbits you can buy into the heist with.

To initiate a Bank heist you will need to type into chat “!heist ”
To participate in an already existing Bank heist you will need to type the same command into chat “!heist ”

I won a raffle, how do I claim my prize?

Congratulations! First thing to do is to check if you got a Twitch whisper from either Orb or ImChrisP to double check that you actually won, this whisper will contain all the information you need about your prize and how to give us your information.

Typically we will ask you to fill out a Ticket on our support system with all your details (Ticket Support > New Ticket > "Giveaway Winner" Category) and then we'll pass on your information to relevant parties. E.g. Razer.

Am I able to give my Orbits/Tickets to someone else?

This came up a lot when we were implementing the system, we don't believe that you should be able to group up and give a single person Orbits, purely because it gives an unfair advantage over everyone else in chat.

This feature will not be utilised in our systems.

Is there a limit to the amount of times I can win prizes?

We're experimenting with limitations; it's unlikely that one person will win multiple times, however it's possible. We're trying out a limit of 1 prize every 3 months per person. This may change in the future.

Name Change

If you change your name on Twitch you will temporarily lose all your Orbits and hours logged onto Orbeytron. You must send in a Support Ticket under the “rename” category to restore them.

Merch Redemptions

To redeem Orbits for your Merch purchases you need to send in a support ticket under the Merch Redemption category. You MUST include proof of purchase.