Community Game Night

What is Community Game Night?

Community Game Night is exactly what it sounds, a day dedicated to getting the community playing together with Orb. 2018 has been a big year for our community and we want to continue having an emphasis on our Incredibles.

Games YOU want.

Each game played on CGN's are picked by the community, and voted upon.

Your Community.

Everyone, viewer and subscriber, can participate in CGN.

Fun and Positivity

The main goal of Community Game Night's is to have fun playing games.


Where's the fun if you're not able to communicate with us?

For our community game nights (and pretty much everything else) we use Discord to communicate on. It's amazing, talk with fellow community members during the stream, after the stream, whenever!


What's the easiest way to get invited into the game?

If you're a PC gamer you'll know this for sure, Steam! It's a free platform which we have a community group on, this will allow you to join a chat room and be invited to the games! 99% of the time community nights will happen on PC, if we're playing games such as Fortnite then Xbox and Playstation players can effortlessly join through Epic's own friends list.